A major consideration with any dermal filler treatment is longevity. Bellafill is truly unique among, because it lasts for up to five years and can even be permanent. Other dermal fillers may offer results that last for only six to12 months, on average. Bellafill, on the other hand, is ideal for anyone wishing to eliminate nasolabial folds, hollow cheeks, sunken temples, or a weak jawline – not for only a few months, but for years to come.

Many Bellafill patients attest that they do not have to worry about constant follow-up treatments. Instead, they enjoy long-term results from an appointment that last for less than an hour. Bellafill not only provides immediate results, it prompts your body to create new collagen.

Over time, the microspheres within the Bellafill formula cause your body to produce fresh collagen. This, in turn, provides a support system for the filler and helps you to maintain your results for years, rather than months. And since the fresh collagen is grown by your own body, the results always look natural. You’ll appear to age much more slowly – and gracefully – than everyone else.

You have to ask yourself if you’d rather make one lasting investment, or several more temporary investments. With Bellafill, you will initially pay a fraction more than you would for other products. However, you’ll only pay that additional cost every five years, or longer, between treatments. It just makes good “cents.”

Although you may pay less, initially, for other dermal fillers, but you’ll be back for follow-up treatments every six months or so. That’s your money and your time – and time is money. Within a few months, Bellafill produces a cost advantage. A single, larger investment upfront, instead of multiple smaller investments along the way, will present the results you want for years to come. Over time, Bellafill could actually save you money as compared to other dermal fillers.

If you’re looking in the mirror, unhappy with what you see, let CASS Clinical Med Spa assist in your transformation. Without surgery and without harsh, painful peels, you can make a change – and we can help you get there.