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By casmedspa
March 7, 2019

Facial fillers are twice as popular today as they were 15 years ago. Results can be remarkable when these treatments are done in moderation. Too much filler, however, can result in an overstuffed looked, causing the cheeks and other areas of the face appear puffy.

Aesthetic procedures were once thought to be a “female thing,” but times have changed. Men want to look their best as well, and since they are less likely to opt for a surgical facelift, procedures such as PDO thread lifts and derma fillers are great alternatives. Even better, these procedures usually have little to no downtown.

Men of all ages option for aesthetic procedures. Younger men choose soft tissue fillers before their skin takes on an aged appearance. By adding volume and plumping up the skin, wrinkles can possibly be delayed from forming. When the correct filler is used, it is possible to delay the development of new lines, creases, and folds. In some cases, fullness to lips can be restored.

One of the main reasons fillers make sense for men is to address concerns about staying competitive at work as well as re-entering the dating scene. Looking younger on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, has become important. Rather than posting a picture from 10 years ago, men can let fillers create an accurate picture of which they can be proud.

Fillers are particularly popular is because they provide immediate results, full final results, within a few days of treatment. Let’s face it: No matter your age, you can rest assured that mobile phones are here to stay. That means social media and HD lighting will probably always be around. We need all the help we can get as we age!

The faces of men and women do not age the same, and, therefore, their treatments are not the same. Overfilling a cheek or lips can cause a "puffy" appearance on a man and create feminine-looking features. Men tend to have thicker skin and larger bones, so a more viscous filler is needed to achieve the best results.

Most men are concerned about the forehead and glabellar area (between the eyes). Botox is the usual go-to in the beginning, easing into a refreshed look.

We start slowly at CAS Clinical Med Spa with all of our fillers, adding more as we go, remaining slow and steady. We would much rather add more treatments later than try to subtract treatments later. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a natural look. One of the best compliments a person can receive is to be told he looks good by someone, but that person can’t pinpoint exactly why. New hair? Weight loss? They don’t realize that treatments have been done

Our patients come back hug our necks as they tell us these stories.    

Plastic surgeons estimate that nearly 20 percent of their patients are men – an increase from previous years. At CAS Clinical Med Spa, our client base is 19 percent male, and that percentage continues to grow. Botox, PDO thread lifts, under-eye treatments, Bellafill, and CoolSculpting are the major treatments that our male clients choose.

Botox was used in 10 percent of all male cosmetic surgeries, according to 2017 data from the American Society for Plastic Surgeons. Today, the number of men getting Botox is at 27 percent.

Although men are increasingly opting for aesthetic procedures, they aren’t always open to talking about it. It is often still frowned upon for men to look in the mirror and want to be attractive and handsome – straight men, in particular. However, this stigma is changing, and men are feeling less discouraged to seek aesthetic procedures. It is becoming less taboo, especially for millennials.  

In a future blog, I will discuss my own injectable and skin care journey, and how I stumbled into the healthcare aesthetics field. I’ll also talk about why I nearly walked away after 30 days until I found my smile.

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