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By casmedspa
October 2, 2017

Our spouses may say that they love us regardless of our physical appearances – inside and out – but the truth is, our appearances DO affect our relationships, no matter if our spouses are focused on the way we look or not.

What we think about the way we look bleeds into every moment of every day and there’s nothing we can do about that, honestly. Unless we take responsibility and address those things we dislike about ourselves, inside and out, they worsen over time.

Don’t be confused, what I’m suggesting is not vanity. That’s not what it is at all….

Self and body image is what I am talking about, and those two identities are behind every moment in our lives. We treat EVERYONE who crosses our path based on how we are feeling about ourselves in that moment, including and ESPECIALLY our spouses.

So, if you’re thinking you need to consult your spouse before you invest in your appearance, great idea! You certainly should involve him or her in this decision-making process.

Together, I want you to think about this:

Who gets the reward, really, when my self-image and my body-image improve?

Is it more a benefit to me or to my partner (or both!) when I do this procedure?

Who else will be affected by this decision, and in what ways?

How will it affect my life in other areas?

What might change for me if I am confident about my appearance?

How will it feel to finally slip into that little black dress I’ve been saving for “Someday?”

What may happen for me if I have a skip in my step and a smile in my heart?

Sure, you will absolutely feel better about the way you look after doing a Coolsculptingprocedure with us. But really, think about the gift you will be giving others when you show up to life everyday happy. There’s nothing more valuable than that.

And that’s what this is all about. It’s about cultivating that inner beauty and strength. It’s about bringing confidence and a little spirit to the table. It’s about nurturing and magnifying the poise, the charm, the charisma, and the exquisiteness that IS you.

As you are thinking about this together, consider your family, your peers (even the gas station attendant), the grocery store clerk, and the bank teller who all know you from a distance will benefit. Though indirectly, everyone you pass on the street will be affected by your decision to put yourself first. They will witness more smiles and experience a light-heartedness every time you pass through their lives.

Those smiles that come from down deep… when our subconscious is smiling, that’s what you begin to create when you take a step like this. Those are the kinds of smiles, when you have them, that get the same kind of smiles in return; it’s like a domino-effect. Think about that.

So, yeah, presenting an investment on a procedure like Coolsculpting to a spouse before moving forward is definitely the right thing to do. This is a choice that will affect both of your lives deeply.

Talk about it together. Weigh out the costs: the time and the money. Then compare those to the benefits. What’s the price tag you would attach to that smile and the confidence that is gained when you take a step like this?

I was in your shoes a few years back (and remember, my Coolsculpting treatment was the most expensive… I bought the machines!). But when I sat down and compared the costs and benefits of doing it versus not doing it, I decided the thing that would cost me the most in the long run would be if I just accepted things as they were and did nothing.

Sure, it was scary, but when I put it in perspective I decided the even scarier decision was actually not doing it. When I imagined my life 5, 10, 20 years from now and still having these problem areas… well, I just couldn’t accept that for my life.

When my thighs didn’t touch for the first time since I had my twins, my profile in pictures suddenly didn’t show that double-chin bulge but an actual jawline, when I wasn’t wondering if people could see my “muffin-top” under this shirt, when I stopped having to adjust my clothes to hide my embarrassment on my body… it changed everything. And when I saw my own RESULTS, that’s when my fears and my reservations about the costs of opening my own Coolsculpting practice, spending all that money… they all went away. Because it was worth every penny.

I’ve always heard, “you can’t put a price on happiness.” When I looked at myself in the mirror 6 months after my Coolsculpting treatment, I understood what that meant.

Because the way I felt about my world had shifted. I felt more confident; more happy and complete. And now, having experienced that internal transformation, I am determined to share that feeling with as many people out there as will let me.

At CASS Clinical Med Spa we strive for transformation. We support the whole person by partnering with you on this journey. Our goal is to have you waking up every morning and knowing you’re a “10.” You are the total package, even before you look in the mirror. The mirror is simply validating what you already know inside.

Beauty IS so much more than skin deep… but it’s the perfect place to begin.

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