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By casmedspa
December 17, 2018

CAS Clinical Med Spa offers advanced skin care and aesthetics with minimally invasive procedures, completed with little to no down time and/or risk. We credit our chief product development officer and medical director, Dr. James Craig, with bringing us to where we are today.

Dr. Craig always knew that, someday, he would be a physician. The question was never “if” he’d be a physician, but rather, what type of physician he’d become.

He struggled with this unknown for many years. When accepted into medical school, he chose to pursue family medicine, which would allow him to work with a broad scope of people and a wide variety of medical circumstances.

What Dr. Craig learned as he went through years of training was that, in dealing with patients, a part of medicine overlapped into not only bettering a person’s physical health, but also achieving improvements in their mental health.

These psychically transformative phenomena seemed to relate to improvements in physical appearances, at times. He saw that his procedures affected the patients’ perspectives and had a direct connection to their self-esteem.

As Dr. Craig began administering basic injections regularly, his passion grew. He saw an uplifting and transformative result daily as he worked in aesthetics. He watched as people addressed their physical insecurities, whether general aging or specific skin disorders, such as acne or hyperpigmentation.

He also fell in love with the art of nonsurgical facial augmentation. Having always been a procedurally oriented physician, he naturally exhibited a talent in the beginning. He had an eye for facial proportions and symmetries.

Now, more than 20 years later, Dr. Craig has developed a stellar reputation in the industry and has coined his transformative approach to facial procedures, The Lifetime Lift™. Today, he works with advanced techniques, having spent considerable time sharpening and developing that natural talent. Dr. Craig’s Lifetime Lift™ has touched thousands of lives – and continues to change lives – every day.

We know how fortunate we are to have a master injector like Dr. Craig as our medical director and product developer at CAS Clinical Med Spa. Through intensive trainings and the advanced Med Spa Accelerator™ mastery courses, Dr. Craig is able to spread his mission, his passion, and his expert approach to our entire injection team, ensuring all procedures are guided by his hand and by his heart.

Our approach to medical aesthetics could not be more unique and effective. With Dr. Craig’s lead, we are forging new ground in this industry, making waves, and seeing patients transform like never before.

In today’s world, physicians like Dr. Craig are posing a threat to the surgical aesthetics industry. With his keen eye and cutting-edge approach, he is achieving unparalleled results with minimal bruising and, often, no downtime.

Best of all, the PATIENT can play an active role in the design of his or her treatment plan. The risks of surgery (downtime, pain or the possibility of an undesired outcome) become far too disturbing when compared to The Lifetime Lift™ and its many advantages.

A true specialist can provide your desired results while maintaining a climate of excitement, relaxation and fun. It is simply a “no-brainer.”

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