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By casmedspa
October 9, 2017

Did you hear? We are now a Diamond Level Coolsculpting Practice, and that means several things. Most important, it means we do a lot more treatments than our competitors. When we perform Coolsculpting procedures, we provide effective, aggressive treatment plans with a “transformation” approach.

Our Coolsculpting Specialists have been certified at the highest level by Coolsculpting University. They revisit the school once per quarter for refresher courses, remaining current on the newest ideas and studies available. That’s good news for you, because you can fully trust us when you rely on us to perform your treatments.

Our Coolsculpting treatment providers specialize in the procedure and focus on it all day, every day. Unlike practices that offer Coolsculpting, but only perform treatments occasionally, it’s the main focus and primary position of our practice.

We serve as a national treatment center, educating people on the most effective ways to apply Coolsculpting technology. We reached this position by developing a reputation for delivering Coolsculpting results quickly. When providers began calling to ask if we could train their staffs,we created a training program and, eventually, a training facility to support our rapidly obtained position as true industry experts.

Today, we hold training sessions quarterly. Coolsculpting practices from around the nation bring their staffs to learn how we perform Coolsculpting. We call our program Med Spa Accelerator Coolsculpting Mastery, and to date, we have dozens of graduates. It is our mission to spread our techniques and knowledge to every city, state, and country that offers Coolsculpting.

The bottom line is this: Everyone in this industry provides Coolsculpting, and the machines are exactly the same from one practice to the next. However, all providers are not created equally. Coolsculpting creates phenomenal results, regardless of who provides the treatments. But we are able to take it “outside the box” and outside the manufacturer’s protocols. The achieved results are smooth and even every time (unlike surgical procedures, which cannot guarantee smooth or even results). We can kill the fat for good, and you can have the procedure done on your lunch break.

It’s important to us that we look at the whole person when providing a service, rather than only atthat bothersome bulge. We have certifications in areas such as nutrition, personal training, lifestyle coaching, goal setting, even business and financial coaching. We are able to learn about each of our clients, uncover exactly what is needed to meet her/his goals, and implement a comprehensive plan. Coolsculpting results look better with time, when we address everything our clients need to wake up smiling every day.

If you elect for Coolsculpting, remember that the procedure is an art. Sadly, most people are stuck in a black-and-white, noncreative, protocoled place. Our Med Spa Accelerator Coolsculpting Mastery certification programs allow you to experience all that this procedure has the potential to give.

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