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Recently, I paid twice the amount of my previous fee for personal training, because I knew the value was there. For all services I purchase, I expect a specialist to carry out that service, whether a personal trainer, housekeeper, massage therapist or neurosurgeon

I am always willing to compensate based on value. What I do not want is the "cheapest" service available, as I might regarding commodities, such as laundry detergent, cereal, and nail polish. When I am asked to pay more for a specialist's service, I’m not offended. In fact, I expect to pay more.

I share this philosophy because I often see people undervaluing their services by dropping their prices to increase revenue and sales. Then, they seem surprised when their clients don't value them. Customer complaints increase, and retention and referrals decrease.

This theory works in both directions. I also see consumers drawn to discounts and savings, only to be disappointed when the provider isn't the best at what he or she does. They, too, seem surprised when they get subpar results.

We live in a world where anyone can be anything. Realize that everyone is doing everything – or saying they are, at least.

Today, when I purchase a service, I consider the following, in this order:

  1. Can this person or company achieve results as well as or better than anyone else in their particular industry regarding my particular needs? Does the person offer proof of experience and/or case studies showing expertise?
  2. Do the proposed solutions align with me and my opinions? Was my unique position heard, and did I make a connection? Can I trust the provider?
  3. What are the reviews and testimonials about this provider? What are people saying about his or her service?
  4. What levels of certifications, licensure, and/or training does the provider have?
  5. Are the proximity and location convenient? Can I fit this into my schedule?
  6. Price matters. Is this the best value I can get for this amount of money, considering all of the points mentioned?

I think service providers often focus on price because they don't understand consumer purchasing behavior. If they drop the price, they get sales.

But the companies that see the most long-term success won’t cut prices to generate that next sale. These companies nurture their staffs, improve their customers' experiences, and add value for the pricing they have in place.

Here’s a perfect example: Amazon Prime recently increased my annual membership price. Yet, the cost is nowhere near the price point at which I would consider a cancellation. I get much more value for Amazon Prime’s service, versus when I signed up two years ago. I understand the increase.

In summary, when I receive a greater value for a service that I actually paid for, it’s a good deal. The best bargains I have ever received were not "cheap" or even low-priced. But they had mega value.

At CAS Clinical Med Spa, we understand value, and we believe in over-delivering on our promise to best serve our clients each and every time you walk through our door. We hold a high standard for ourselves and strive to surpass that standards you hold for us. We would rather have you as a lifelong client who received stellar services, than a one-and-done customer who found a “cheap deal.”

CAS Clinical Med Spa offers advanced skin care and aesthetics with minimally invasive procedures, completed with little to no down time and/or risk. We credit our chief product development officer and medical director, Dr. James Craig, with bringing us to where we are today.

Dr. Craig always knew that, someday, he would be a physician. The question was never “if” he’d be a physician, but rather, what type of physician he’d become.

He struggled with this unknown for many years. When accepted into medical school, he chose to pursue family medicine, which would allow him to work with a broad scope of people and a wide variety of medical circumstances.

What Dr. Craig learned as he went through years of training was that, in dealing with patients, a part of medicine overlapped into not only bettering a person’s physical health, but also achieving improvements in their mental health.

These psychically transformative phenomena seemed to relate to improvements in physical appearances, at times. He saw that his procedures affected the patients’ perspectives and had a direct connection to their self-esteem.

As Dr. Craig began administering basic injections regularly, his passion grew. He saw an uplifting and transformative result daily as he worked in aesthetics. He watched as people addressed their physical insecurities, whether general aging or specific skin disorders, such as acne or hyperpigmentation.

He also fell in love with the art of nonsurgical facial augmentation. Having always been a procedurally oriented physician, he naturally exhibited a talent in the beginning. He had an eye for facial proportions and symmetries.

Now, more than 20 years later, Dr. Craig has developed a stellar reputation in the industry and has coined his transformative approach to facial procedures, The Lifetime Lift™. Today, he works with advanced techniques, having spent considerable time sharpening and developing that natural talent. Dr. Craig’s Lifetime Lift™ has touched thousands of lives – and continues to change lives – every day.

We know how fortunate we are to have a master injector like Dr. Craig as our medical director and product developer at CAS Clinical Med Spa. Through intensive trainings and the advanced Med Spa Accelerator™ mastery courses, Dr. Craig is able to spread his mission, his passion, and his expert approach to our entire injection team, ensuring all procedures are guided by his hand and by his heart.

Our approach to medical aesthetics could not be more unique and effective. With Dr. Craig’s lead, we are forging new ground in this industry, making waves, and seeing patients transform like never before.

In today’s world, physicians like Dr. Craig are posing a threat to the surgical aesthetics industry. With his keen eye and cutting-edge approach, he is achieving unparalleled results with minimal bruising and, often, no downtime.

Best of all, the PATIENT can play an active role in the design of his or her treatment plan. The risks of surgery (downtime, pain or the possibility of an undesired outcome) become far too disturbing when compared to The Lifetime Lift™ and its many advantages.

A true specialist can provide your desired results while maintaining a climate of excitement, relaxation and fun. It is simply a “no-brainer.”

Self-awareness is the first step in making a change in your life. All day, everyday we are listening to an inner conversation that is quite often very destructive. We talk to ourselves, at times, in a way we would never allow another person to talk to us. In truth, that inner conversation, as insignificant as you think it may be, plays a large role in who we are and what we will become.

What would you think if I told you that everyday you are actively sabotaging your own dreams, careers, relationships, and successes? Would you believe me? Can you, perhaps, think of recent examples?

Blame, excuses, and avoidance are just a few examples of the ways we defeat our own potentials and snuff out what could have been. Think of a challenge that’s come up for you, that’s caused you worry and stress lately. Whose fault was it? Are you taking ownership in cooperative resolutions and positive outcomes? Are you truly choosing the most healthy way to move through this hardship?

I was taught that, no matter the circumstance, I must find at least 1% responsibility for any pain that exists inside me in order to fully heal. Can you do that in this example you’ve brought to mind?

I know it’s difficult, but sometimes my ownership exists simply in the way I allow the negativity to carry on.

When I find myself blaming or making excuses, no matter how innocent I was or how guilty the offender, I am avoiding taking responsibility of my own personal health and I am allowing the wrongs of others in the past to affect my life here and now. And, consequently I’m allowing that pain to control my future. I’m letting it play out over and over in my head, and I’m often not even in touch with how it owns me and my perspective.

A coach of mine once told me it’s like drinking poison everyday and hoping someone else will get sick.

It’s insane.

So, today, watch closely as your thoughts whir around inside you. What are you feeding your psyche?

The stories we unconsciously tell throughout the day, when destructive, hurt us more deeply and more lastingly than anything we hear from the outside.

And so many of us are not even aware that WE are the problem!

So what stories have you been telling yourself that are possibly hindering you today? Read through these ideas and see if you can relate to any:

  1. If I do it, it has to be perfect.
    Look at what you set yourself up for with this belief! You are likely to never enjoy a single thing you do with that kind of pressure. And your expectations of yourself are guaranteeing you will feel unsuccessful and like you’re never enough

And what about your relationships with others? Because if you expect this from yourself, you will naturally believe others should be perfect too. The joy is in the journey, right? That will never be your experience if you go into everything in life with the goal of being perfect.

  1. I’m not good enough.
    Self esteem is a hard one. How do you change a lacking self worth?

Find people who seem to have already “got it” and follow what they are doing. Be careful not to start comparing yourself. Just observe and try on something you see them doing that you think will have a positive effect on your own self image. Maybe it’s exercise, a social engagement, or dressing up for a day.

Fake it till you make it!

  1. I’ll never be able to do that.
    Recognize the lie in this one. Every single successful person on this planet has failed too many times to count.

That old cliché is true: You can do anything you put your mind to.

You just have to promise yourself going in that you refuse to give up, no matter what. And look at all failures as being necessary to get you to your dream.

  1. I am broke.
    If you are 100% determined with any goal, nothing will get in your way. Believe me on this one. Money is not a prerequisite to success. Successful people were prosperous before they had the money. Wealth follows success, not the other way around.

You don't need money to be a billionaire or to have financial confidence. You just need success.

  1. I'm too busy.
    This one is one I hear so much. And this is one I have told myself on numerous occasions too.

We all feel like we have no time, yet what are you doing right now? Browsing around on Facebook, right?

If you can find time in your busy schedule for YouTube, Netflix, Instagram and so on, then you honestly do have time to study that thing you want to do or to build a business/start a project that makes you feel accomplished.

I have 5 kids and 3 businesses. If I hear myself saying I am too busy for something, I stop and think… is it because I just don't want to do it? Am I not interested? Or is it something deeper that is holding me back?

  1. I'm not young enough anymore.
    You're still breathing, right? If your mind is still working, you have time to reach for your dreams. Have you given up on having financial freedom because you feel like it's too late? Is there something you want to learn but you put it, defeated?

Recognize this excuse and push past it. It's never too late to begin.

  1. I just don't know where to start.
    It doesn't matter. You just start on what looks right today. And then, one step at a time, you move forward. It's your dream! So you get to decide the steps and in what order they come anyway.

If you're headed in the direction of your dreams, you will have many beginnings, so start with the one that looks good and just go.

  1. I don't have enough education.
    In today's world especially, you don't need a traditional college degree to become something special. If you feel like you do need that, then stop wasting time and energy talking yourself down, and enroll somewhere.

Trade schools can take just weeks to obtain certifications.

And Google has lots to teach us.

  1. It is too overwhelming.
    One day at a time, one step at a time you can achieve anything you decide to take on.

Have you ever heard, 'who you become while you achieve something is more important than what you achieve?'

If it overwhelms you, cut it into small steps… then smaller ones… and then even smaller ones. Dissect your mission and carve out tiny achievable tasks that you can start checking off your list. Nothing is too big. It's all just tiny steps lined up next to one another.

It is important to see the 'big picture,' but once you know your endpoint, reverse engineer it to the single small tasks that are necessary and start with one.

You'll be surprised at the progress you make when you stay in the moment and avoid letting the enormity of your dreams intimidate you

Dream and dream huge, guys! And keep your attention on any negative self talk, blame, excuses, resentment… You have a better future ahead of you than any of that can give you.

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