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Erase acne scars and deep facial lines.

What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is a long-lasting, FDA-approved Dermal Filler that targets deep facial lines and marks safely and effectively. Bellafill is comprised of collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies. Bellafill’s formula ensures results that last up to five years. It’s the only Dermal Filler that’s FDA-approved to treat acne scars. The microspheres in Bellafill build a type of ladder onto which your own natural collagen can develop. The results are instant – and continue to work over time.

Why Clients Choose Bellafill

Clients who want to reduce the appearance of pock marks or acne scars find Bellafill a terrific treatment to meet their beauty goals. Clients love the instant results – and the fact that Bellafill enhances your own natural collagen production, making the treatment improve with time.

Why Clients Trust CAS Med Spa For Bellafill

Our team are among the nation’s most awarded and trusted injectors and aesthetic doctors. Watch below as he demonstrates the amazing long-lasting results Bellafill can deliver to reduce lines and wrinkles!

Watch: Live Bellafill injection consultation and explanation by Dr. Craig of CAS Med Spa.

Watch: Dr. Craig performs Bellafill injections to reduce lines and wrinkles for up to 5 years!

“I never thought about going to a Med Spa but the staff eased all my concerns and made me feel beautiful on the outside again! I would recommend their services to anyone it’s an experience that I promise you will enjoy and keep going back to them for all your beauty needs!!!”
-Millie N.

What to expect with your treatment

If you and your provider decide Bellafill is the right treatment for you, here’s what to expect:
  • Using an ultrathin cannula, your injector will place Bellafill directly into the affected area.
  • Bellafill’s formula includes lidocaine, a mild topical pain reliever, so discomfort should be minimal, if at all.
  • You can expect immediate results – and no downtime. Clients leave our offices and return to their daily routines.

Next Steps

At CAS Med Spa, we always start with a free consultation. We work to better understand your goals then, working together, discuss the best path forward.

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