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Thomas Federico, MD 
Medical Director

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Christy Wilson

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Joshua Wilson

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Stacey Alston
Practice Manager

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Vina Staber
Director of Aesthetics

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Kelley Czekala
Tri-Certified Eyelash Stylist

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Chanell Hudson

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Ebony Brown

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Discover your best self -- with best-in-class service

Our medical aestheticians are among the most well-trained and experienced practitioners in the industry. We’re recognized as top performers in three areas — injectables, body contouring and skincare. We’ll help you get the results you want – and deserve.

Our Lead Staff

We know that choosing a partner to help you reach your skin, body and beauty goals is a big decision. After all, self-care is one of the most important investments you can make. At CAS Med Spa, you’ll work with best-in-class medical aestheticians who are highlytrained – and passionately committed to tailoring a plan to meet your goals.

It’s no wonder our clients call us the skin whisperers.

CAS Med Spa is continually recognized as top performers in our injectables, body contouring and skincare services. This means we do a lot more treatments than our competitors and we have the experience to ensure you get the results & care you desire.


Should I shower before a treatment?

It’s best that you feel comfortable going into your first treatment and if showering induces a sense of well-being for you, by all means shower. Cleanliness is appreciated by therapists.

What happens at the end of the treatment?

The therapist will signal the end of the treatment by telling you it’s over and he or she will depart the room so that you can put your robe on again.

Are there special health considerations for certain treatments?

Health conditions such as high blood pressure preclude you from taking hydrotherapy treatments; however, the health assessment form that is a requirement at reputable spas will flag any health conditions, and therapists will advise whether you should avoid certain therapies. Conversely, therapists can recommend therapies to address certain health concerns.

The therapist will signal the end of the treatment by telling you it’s over and he or she will depart the room so that you can put your robe on again.

You’re in Great Hands

More than a Med Spa

While our technical skills are best-in class, they only tell part of the story. At CAS Med Spa, we aren’t just performing your procedure, we’re helping you transform your life. We take the time needed to understand your goals, map out a tailored plan – and deliver results that stick. We want you to love the way you look – and feel empowered in how you got there.

We’re more than a Med Spa. We’re partners on your journey toward self-care.

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